How PiPS Works

We try to make things as simple as possible for authors. The PiPS™ Verified Book Quality Award will reward your book for overall publishing excellence. If book buyers know your book has been verified as good quality, that’s part of your sales job done.

Whether your book is published or publisher-ready, we ask you to submit the full book manuscript, including front and back matter, plus your cover file.

PiPS award logoIf you are already published a PiPS Award can give your book a boost and give you an incentive to relaunch or boost marketing. As you know, files can be changed easily if necessary.

We do accept printed published books for our process, but a copy of the digital version as submitted to your publisher is easier and quicker.

Our assessors can work anywhere in the world, so electronic is our preference.

If an eBook is already published, access to all formats could help. If you used Smashwords, for example, they have a coupon system that allows for this.

How long will you wait for an answer? To be honest, it depends on how busy we are and how long it takes to verify the editing process if required. However, we will give an estimated turnaround time for each assessment, and it will be pretty accurate. The quicker the better for both of us.

First, we ask you to read the free eBook. Find out how to grab one below. Please check the date of the latest edition (on our Contact page). Our original eBook has been changed to reflect upgrades and streamlining as suggested by authors and editors.

PiPS by emailWhen you think your book is ready for publication, or if it has already been independently published, submit it for a PiPS™ award. These are the steps:

  1. Send us an email with Application in the subject line.
  2. We send you the application details and form by email.
  3. Send the Application Form to us, with the appropriate file attachments. If you are asked to send printed books, send them separately ASAP to the address on your application form.
  4. You will then be sent a PayPal invoice for any fee payable (as set out on our Apply page).
  5. Follow the process indicated and make the payment. At present, we only accept payment through PayPal, because it is safe for both of us, but you can also use your credit card through this process.
  6. Your payment will be held throughout this process until any required assessment is completed and only then will be distributed to PiPS assessors.
  7. On receipt of your submission and payment, the assessment process will commence in order of submissions received and you will be advised of an estimated time for completion. We aim to have all assessments completed within four weeks of the submission date where possible.

You don’t have to remember any of this except Step 1. From there, we explain every step of the system.

So, that’s the process. We want you to succeed and we will jump all kinds of hoops to help. If you run into any problem, or if something we ask is difficult or impossible, let’s know by email and we’ll do what we can.

And good luck.


To check out the assessment process:

To check costs or to apply for an assessment:

To get your free eBook that explains everything in detail: Simply email and we will send a PDF version, or go to Smashwords for free eBooks in various formats. The latest edition was published in August 2017. The original has been upgraded to reflect upgrades and streamlining as suggested by authors and editors.

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