Everything we, and you, want to say about PiPS.

This is where you’ll find media releases, articles and multi-media posts about Professional Independent Publishing Standards and the PiPS Verified Book Quality Award. You’ll also find general articles on writing and publishing.

PiPS logoAuthors and other publishing professionals are invited to send submissions for this blog. They can be sent to We are not the fount of all wisdom when it comes to indie publishing – far from it. Your contributions for the benefit of fellow authors will be very much appreciated.

Don’t forget, if you want more information, you can get the free eBook by emailing for a PDF file or go to Smashwords for a free eBook in various formats.

Submissions will be listed here in reverse date order:

November 2017, an interview in The Writers Newsletter: Brian Morgan interview with The Writers Newsletter

June 2017, an article in The Writers Newsletter: A major challenge for young writers

May 2017, an article in The Young Writers Newsletter: A major challenge for young writers.

May 9, 2017, article in LinkedIn and Facebook: The PiPS grand vision for indie authors

May 2017, an article in The Writers Newsletter: How to make good indie books stand out from the crowd

April 10, 2017, an article in Facebook and LinkedIn: Tackling the biggest problem in indie publishing.

April 5, 2017, First Media Release: First Media Release


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