How to Use the PiPS Award

When the PiPS Verified Book Quality Award is granted, the author receives an email with various good news attachments.

They include award logos in color and in black and white and also in specific colors if requested, an award certificate, and information about the award and how to use it.

The certificate is suitable for framing and the logos are suitable for cover and/or internal display or for use on stationery, websites, emails, business cards, author bios etc.

We strongly urge the use of award logos on book covers and elsewhere, so all prospective buyers will know that the book has achieved a high standard (and would presumably be a good buy) – and other authors will see that the award exists.

PiPS awardPiPS Verified

PiPS cover MagiPiPS Verified AwardPiPS cover Rich
















We quickly put these award notifications on existing covers, without any attempt to properly incorporate the award into the design. Your designer (or you) will be able to do much better with the flexibility we offer.

Where your cover designer cannot or prefers not to display the logo on the cover, we recommend the B&W version of the logo be placed in the interior file on the copyright page, for example, or the title page.

The PiPS award verification logos come with a white background (jpg file) and transparent background (png file). We also supply the logos in standard colors, which might not suit your cover design (a couple of our examples above should have different colors). We are very flexible. If you or your designer email us with the colors you want (in RGB values) we will send your custom logo by return email at no charge. 

Whether the award logo is placed on the cover or internally, we also supply wording that can be used internally to explain exactly what the verified award is and why it was awarded.

It is important, though, that the logo is displayed for potential readers to see.

The more people who display awards, the more the awards will be seen, and other authors might be encouraged to apply. Raising standards will be a continual process, and we can all contribute, both by displaying the award and by encouraging other authors to apply. In the meantime, your quality award will be plain for all to see.

A stronger independent publishing industry will mean better independent sales – and that’s what we all want. No, that’s what we all need.


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To get your free eBook that explains everything in detail: Simply email and we will send a PDF version, or go to Smashwords for a free eBook in various formats. The date of the latest updated edition of the eBook is on the Contents page of this site. The original edition is now out of date because of upgrades suggested by authors and editors.

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