The PiPS Reading Assessment Process

The PiPS Verified Book Quality Award is for the whole book. The best writing or beautiful design, one without the other, is not acceptable in the publishing industry and is not appreciated by the reading public, who are turned off if one or the other is poor quality. 

So the award covers the whole publishing experience, both editorial standard and production standard. If both achieve a professional level of competence, the book is verified for a book quality award.

If your book has been professionally edited and designed, and we can verify that, the book will automatically qualify for an award. There is a once-only small administration fee.

Where a book has been edited, but not professionally designed (internal file or cover), the award will be subject to an appraisal by PiPS™ to confirm that the production standard is satisfactory and will not jar the reading experience. We will be flexible with this.

PiPS verified awardIf we cannot automatically verify the book’s editorial quality, we follow a two-step process: We run the internal file through our dedicated editing program and the book is read in full by one of our editors. As mentioned elsewhere, this will give us the information we need to decide the merits of the book for an award.

The reading assessment and the editing program together are thorough enough to give us the desired result. This system has been vetted by a group of authors and editors as being appropriate to ascertain book quality and is less cumbersome than our earlier system (and considerably less costly for authors).

Books that have been read by our editor will also benefit from a written appraisal, which may be used as the author sees fit.

It may be used as a PiPS™ quote for publicity purposes, for example, and, in some cases, may be quoted as a book review.

Authors do not compete against each other but strive to achieve best practice.

What happens if a book is not considered worthy of an award?

The author then receives a written appraisal, which will offer specific suggestions on how to achieve the expected standard so that the book may be resubmitted for the verification process.

We want you to succeed, because, if you succeed, we succeed, so, while we genuinely assess the project, we only reject it if necessary (Some PiPS™ people are also authors and hate rejections).
PiPS - Making Indie Books Great

We invite every independent author to read the eBook and to share it with other authors in their networks. The eBook, of course, is free. Authors don’t like free eBooks, but this one is for them, and we want it widely read.

PiPS, as you know, is peer-driven and not for profit.

It’s in everybody’s interest to spread the message around. The faster the message spreads, the faster independent publishing will be recognized for quality and professionalism.

We want authors to express themselves in the best possible way and for their finished book to be at least up to traditional publishing standards and be recognized by readers as such.

This whole book process will normally result in an award, but, in some cases, the editing or formatting or design might need work. In this case, the author will be given specific suggestions as to how to reach the desired standard.



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