How to apply and what it costs

PiPS is essentially an online service. It’s easier, faster and allows us to handle any book from any author around the world with equal efficiency. We want to make this exciting new concept easily accessible to all indie authors because it will help sell more books.

Before we run through the application process, you need to know, of course, what it will cost.

First, you need to understand there are several ways to approach our services. If your book has been professionally edited, and we can verify that, your book will be approved for the award, subject to our sighting the book to confirm that the publication is an acceptable standard.

PiPS by emailIf your book has been self-edited or a friend has edited the book and you can demonstrate to us that whoever did the editing has appropriate editing experience (even though he or she might not have gained that experience professionally or in an editing house) the same approval process will apply. We might, though, ask for an electronic file copy to run through our dedicated software as a confirmation backup. We have to be fair, but we have to be honest.

If your book has not been edited professionally, we will do two things. We will run your files through our dedicated software to check grammar, spelling, sentence structure and length, readability, clarity, manuscript length, and other technical matters, like suitability for the intended purpose and reading audience.

We will also have one of our professional assessors read the book. This will do a number of things. It will confirm what our software has shown (we’re old-fashioned and don’t entirely trust a computer to do what a human should do). It will pick up whether the book is structurally sound and does what it promises for the reader. It will pick out anything that will distract the reader from a satisfying reading experience. It will tell us what we want to know.

As a final check, a supervisor will quickly “eyeball” the submission.

If our name is to appear on your book, we need to be as proud as you are and just as certain that your effort is good value for readers. So, we have to ask a fair price if we need to go through the reading process properly.

For books professionally edited and those with experienced editing help, there is simply a  one-off nominal administration fee of US$25. This covers the standard administration costs and costs of verifying work done for the book. It covers a check of the book’s production quality. It also covers running manuscripts through our checking programs if necessary.

For books that need a full professional reading, there is a flat reading fee of US$150, plus the administration fee – a total of US$175. FYI, the reading fee, in total, goes to the assessor, not to PiPS.

Follow the steps outlined on our Submissions page and you will be sent a PayPal invoice. It’s all pretty simple and your payment will not be distributed to PiPS assessors until completed.


To see the steps of the PiPS process:

To simply apply for an assessment: Email with “Application” in the subject line. If it’s your first application to PiPS, say so in your email and there will be no charge if your book has been professionally edited.

To get the free eBook: Email for a PDF file or go to Smashwords for free eBooks in various formats. The free eBook will be updated from time to time to reflect suggestions from authors and editors. The date of the latest eBook is shown on the Contact page of this site. It will usually be to an author’s advantage to check out the latest edition.

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