PiPS Founder – Brian Morgan

My name is Brian Morgan. I’m a journalist, editor, author and publisher – and I’m here because I’ve accepted the task of managing the Professional Independent Publishing Standards organization.

Who am I and why am I here? If you don’t know me, how can you trust what I say?
Brian Morgan - PiPSI’m a former newspaper and magazine journalist, editor and publisher, and, before that, I was a successful business manager and founder. I’ve been called a thought leader and an integrity advocate (and probably other things I should not go into). My website has more blurb about that. I gained a stack of national awards along the way and my writing has been translated for Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese readers. I was also a part-time writing and publishing teacher for some years. It’s all history, but it all shaped who I am.

After retiring early, I began to write books (I had been researching one of them for years in my spare time). I tell parts of my story of traditional publishing elsewhere, but I have been involved full-time in publishing since 1975, and in independent book publishing since 2005, publishing eight of my own books, plus books for others. One of mine won a prestigious national literary award. I’ve also been pretty much involved, for many years, in mentoring writers at all stages of their development.

You don’t become this ancient without learning a bit along the way.

Why am I here? For years now I have been watching, with growing excitement, as the publishing world changed for the better. I was delighted and jumped on the independent publishing bandwagon.

But there was, and is, a problem. And I think you know it.

I said that publishing was changing for the better, but anyone who has purchased self-published books or eBooks know that many of them are absolutely dreadful. Was that delicate enough for you? You know what I mean, don’t you? They are a disgrace to the publishing industry and they drag genuine authors down.

PiPS Verified AssessmentOf course, many traditionally published books are hardly any better, but I know that, until more independently published books are seen to achieve commercial best practice, they will always be looked upon with disdain by the big publishers and the industry, and avoided by many avid book readers.

Obviously, something had to change. And I began to sprout the concept of independent authors, editors and publishers banding together to create a vision of something better and to find a way to achieve that vision. Clearly, we decided, if the new independent publishing system was to work as it should, the people involved in it had to do the heavy lifting.

And the beautiful thing is that there were more than enough very experienced people willing to put in the time and effort to achieve lift-off and ensure a successful flight.

So PiPS is here.

PiPS™ is the result, and, because I introduced the concept, I have the task of overseeing the PiPS™ formation and initial management. The concept needed a leader. The vision might be big, but it is worthy of every effort. Traditional publishers invested a lot of money to achieve their success. We’re out to achieve the same standards for indie authors.

PiPS™ will grow beyond my involvement, and I will welcome that when the time is right, and if the continued future of PiPS™ and its values and vision are assured.

One important thing. PiPS was established after a group of authors, editors and publishing professionals got together to find a way to make independent publishing better for authors and readers. It was peer-driven then and it’s peer-driven now.

We launched this site in April 2017 after two years of planning and testing. When we launched we were amazed at the response. Yes, we received applications for the award, but we also received advice and support from around the world. We were delighted.

As a result of that advice and the good ideas that flowed in, our process was reviewed after just three months and upgraded and streamlined. This website was rewritten to reflect these wonderful changes. We salute our peers for their common sense and their generosity. We very much appreciate their time and effort.

Now we have upgraded our systems again, with the addition of a range of services – all requested by you. PiPS still offers its award, of course, but we can now help with every stage of your book right up to publication.

PiPS™ is a global online organization and most of our work is online. Our people can work from any location around the world. I’m in Australia, and distance is not the devil it once was. I have to tip-toe around time zones, but I can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Welcome to the new world.

PiPS Verified AwardOur awards process is now open to all authors publishing in English, and we hope to expand to other languages in time. For now, though, you are invited to submit your work for an award or for any other service we offer. We promise to work hard to help you achieve the PiPS™ Verified Book Quality Award or to become a published author.


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