PiPS Unique Value Promise

The PiPS promise is to help raise independent publishing standards to the level of traditional publishing, or better.  And to make that standard visible to all prospective readers. This is the first such service specifically designed to help readers choose indie books.

In a very short time, PiPS has been accepted by authors, editors and publishing professionals as an authentic body to verify good quality indie books. The PiPS quality mark distinguishes good books from the many poor quality self-published books and lifts them to the level of traditionally published books in readers’ eyes.

This is an exciting new concept for all authors around the world who chose the independent publishing route. It will raise the profile and sales of self-published books. It’s available now through Professional Independent Publishing Standards (PiPS).

PiPS verified awardWhether your book has been published or is publisher-ready, it is now eligible to apply for the PiPS Verified Book Quality Award. You don’t compete for it. You simply publish to accepted commercial standards.

The PiPS™ Verified Book Quality Award can be displayed on book covers and elsewhere so that browsing readers will see it.

Our promise is that all books achieving the expected standard will receive a highly valued award in recognition. And this, over time, will raise the standard and the reputation of independent publishing by being seen on more and more independently published books.

PiPS™ has big plans for indie publishing, and we want authors everywhere to be part of it. And all indie authors have an opportunity, for the first time, to be seen by buyers as the author of a verified quality book.

And that is exactly what readers want. They want to see at a glance whether the book is as good as they have come to expect a published book to be. The PiPS™ verification program does precisely that.

Traditionally published books have always been seen as accepted by professionals as good quality and self-published books have been the poor cousin. Not anymore. Now indie books can be verified as good quality by an authentic industry body set up to do just that.

The PiPS Vision

Our vision is to help create independent publishing excellence – excellence that is visible.

PiPS™ supports authors who decide to avoid the old school traditional publishing in favor of the newer independent publishing models offered by organizations like CreateSpace, Amazon, Lulu, IngramSpark, Kindle, Smashwords and others.

Hundreds of thousands of authors have had enough of the traditional publishing frustration, headaches and meagre share of publishing profits, and want a crack at personal success with the major share of income that independent publishing can bring. Above all, they want to be published and they want control.

But readers have to know they can trust an author to deliver a good, if not superior, reading experience.

PiPS™ can deliver that trust with a service that is unique in publishing.  This process is explained in a free eBook. We want every indie author to read it and to pass it on to their networks and friends.


To find out how PiPS works: https://pipsverified.com/submissions.

To learn the PiPS assessment process: https://pipsverified.com/assessment.

To apply for a PiPS assessment (and see what it costs): https://pipsverified.com/apply.

To get your free eBook that explains everything in detail: Simply email admin@pipsverified.com and we will send a PDF version, or go to Smashwords for free eBooks in various formats. The date of the latest edition of the free eBook is noted on the Contact page of this site. The original edition is now out of date because of upgrades suggested by authors and editors. It will be to the advantage of authors to download the latest edition. 

You’ll also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pipsverified.

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